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Compromise between Ukraine and Russia is not yet possible - Pavel

Compromise between Ukraine and Russia is not yet possible - Pavel Czech President Petr Pavel (photo: Getty Images)

Czech President Petr Pavel says that it is still impossible to imagine that Ukraine and Russia will agree to end the conflict.

"All of Russia's proposals so far have been a dictate. The Kremlin has presented its list of conditions that it, as an aggressor, has no right to impose," Pavel said.

The Czech leader is convinced that the war in Ukraine will end either with the defeat of one of the warring parties or with exhaustion and the realization that no one will be able to fully achieve their goals.

According to the president, there may come a time when Moscow and Kyiv realize that the continuation of the conflict means only new costs, suffering, and losses without hope of success.

At the same time, Petr Pavel believes that it may take a long time before the situation reaches that point, and the losses on both sides, both in terms of economic and casualty rates, are already very significant.

"The situation is beginning to manifest itself negatively, including in Russia," he concluded.

Shells from the Czech Republic for Ukraine

In recent months, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have faced an acute shortage of artillery ammunition at the front. Recently, for this reason, our soldiers had to retreat from the city of Avdiivka and lost several other settlements in the Donetsk region.

In February, Czech President Petr Pavel said that Prague had found 800,000 artillery rounds for Ukraine's military needs: half a million of 155 mm caliber and 300,000 of 122 mm caliber. However, funds had to be raised to purchase them.

The initiative was supported by Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, and France. In particular, on March 6, Germany provided a three-digit million-dollar donation for the purchase of ammunition. And Norway donated more than $150 million for ammunition.

Recently, Pavel said that the allies have already found almost all the necessary funds to purchase the announced batch.

At the same time, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala stated that the Czech initiative had been promised another 200,000 rounds of ammunition for Ukraine on a non-binding basis.