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Common mistakes to avoid during doctor visits identified

Common mistakes to avoid during doctor visits identified What mistakes to avoid during a doctor's visit (photo: Freepik)

Visiting the doctor's office is rarely a pleasant experience. Patients may do some completely unacceptable things that you shouldn't do at the doctor's office, according to Huffpost.

Disrespect for confidentiality

Etiquette expert Jackie Vernon-Thompson explained that eavesdropping on conversations while waiting in line is unacceptable.

"If you have to wait in line to speak to someone at the desk, try to keep a reasonable distance," the expert said.

Also, when waiting in line, don't inquire about another patient's reason for their visit.

"Chat about the weather or a television show. Do not ask why they are seeking medical help. If, and only if, they volunteer that information, then you may ask follow-up questions," he added.

Creating noise in the waiting area

Refrain from having loud conversations with strangers. People who are feeling unwell may not want to hear vivid descriptions of your issues. Therefore, try to speak with others as quietly as possible.

Additionally, use headphones if you want to listen to music or watch videos while waiting.

Talking on the phone

The rule of noise also applies to phone calls. If you need to take a call, consider stepping out of the waiting room.

Think about switching your phone to airplane mode before entering a medical facility. At the very least, mute the sound.


If you have a cough, you should wear a mask in any medical facility. This is to protect everyone who may be vulnerable from a medical standpoint.

If your appointment with the doctor is not time-sensitive and not related to your illness, postpone it until you're not sick. Otherwise, wear a mask.

Eating while waiting

Avoid eating in the waiting area, as it's not a restaurant. It's inappropriate to consume food while you're waiting for an appointment.

Being late

Punctuality is a sign of respect for other patients, staff, and doctors.

In fact, you should aim to arrive earlier than your scheduled time.

Always arrive a few minutes early to fill out or update patient forms.

Your punctuality helps the doctor stay on schedule and reduces delays for other patients. However, if you can't make it to your appointment, be sure to notify in advance.

Being dishonest

Being honest with your doctor is crucial, as it affects your diagnosis and treatment.

Hiding information only leads to wasting time. Therefore, it's important to disclose all medications you've taken recently.

Also, read about the dangers of low body temperature.

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