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Collaborator mayor of Kupiansk attacked in Russia

Collaborator mayor of Kupiansk attacked in Russia Collaborator Gennadiy Matsegora (photo:

In the Russian city of Stariy Oskol, an assassination attempt was made on the mayor of Kupiansk, a collaborator, Gennadiy Matsegora. He survived, but is in critical condition, according to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to intelligence, the attempt on the traitor's life took place on Friday, June 7. He is currently in hospital.

“For the second day in a row, Moscow doctors have been trying to prevent Matsegora from attending Kobzon's concert (dying - ed.) The condition of the traitor to the Ukrainian people is critical,” the DIU said, without providing any other details about the attempt.

Who is Matsegora

As the DIU reminded, Matsegora was the mayor of Kupiansk from the banned OPFL party. After the Russian troops came to the city, he voluntarily cooperated with them.

“In June 2022, he signed the so-called protocol on the establishment of the occupation Kharkiv administration and publicly announced it. After the release of Kupiansk, he fled with the Russians to the Belgorod region, where the Moscow masters assigned Matsegora to be under heavy guard, which, however, did not protect the collaborator mayor,” the DIU noted.

In November, the Ukrainian Special Service eliminated another collaborator from the occupation administration of the Kharkiv region. It was Oleksandr Slisarenko.

In early May, one of the collaborators was blown up in occupied Berdiansk.