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Choosing right bra: Essential tips for every woman

Choosing right bra: Essential tips for every woman How to choose the right bra (photo: Freepik)

Nearly every woman wears bras, each with unique preferences due to the variety of models and shapes available. However, selecting the right bra requires careful consideration. Here are some insights on what to focus on when choosing a bra, prompted by Wechorhytsi women's community Instagram page.

How to choose the right bra

When it comes to selecting a bra, there's more to consider than just aesthetics, materials, and size – it's a matter of both seriousness and importance.

A properly chosen bra provides essential support to the breasts, effectively reducing the strain on the back muscles. On the contrary, an ill-fitting bra can lead to microtrauma, causing compression or insufficient support, potentially resulting in health issues.

Accurate sizing is crucial. Measure the body's volume just below the chest with a snug-fitting tape measure. The obtained number corresponds to the bra size – 70, 75, 80, 85.

Next, measure the chest volume to determine the cup size. Place the tape measure over the protruding area without tightening it. Perform this action by leaning forward 90 degrees, and subtracting the under-chest volume indicator from the obtained number to find your size.

Moving on to the fitting – a crucial stage in the process. Take various bra sizes and models to the fitting room to ensure you find the right size and the most comfortable fit.

Evaluate each model based on three criteria:

  • Cup
  • Straps
  • Band

Choosing right bra: Essential tips for every womanHow to choose the right bra (photo: Freepik)

Key considerations for a bra fitting

Ensuring the right fit for your bra involves paying attention to several details. The bra band should snugly encircle the chest without cutting into the body. It should stay in place with every movement; if it shifts, consider opting for a smaller size.

At the back, the clasp should allow room for only two fingers – any more, and the band might ride up over time. The belt should maintain a strictly horizontal position.

Wrinkles or folds on the bra signal that it is too large, with undersized underarms and chest pads. A well-fitted bra has cups that sit firmly against the chest.

Adjust the straps to the desired length, ensuring they neither dig into the skin nor leave marks. Comfort is key when it comes to underwear.

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