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Chinese hackers breached database of UK Ministry of Defence

Chinese hackers breached database of UK Ministry of Defence Illustrative photo (photo: Getty Images)

Chinese hackers carried out a cyberattack on the database of the UK Ministry of Defence, resulting in a massive leak of personal data of British military personnel, according to reports from Sky News and BBC.

According to the channel, today British parliamentarians will be informed about the massive data leak from the Ministry of Defence.

"The government will not name the country involved, but Sky News understands this to be China," the statement said. The British channel directly accuses the state of China of cyberattacks.

The cyberattack targeted the payroll system of current servicemen and some veterans, hackers managed to obtain primarily names and banking details, the statement said. However, according to the British broadcaster, salaries for this month will be paid on time.

Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP and former soldier, told Sky News that China was likely looking at financially vulnerable layers of the population to coerce them into exchange for cash.

Journalists clarify that it is about an external contractor system that is not connected to the main computer systems of the Ministry of Defence, it was disconnected after the start of the audit.

BBC also reports on the hacking of the database with personal data of military personnel and employees of the British Ministry of Defence.

The agency writes that there is no information about who is behind the attack, but confirms that hackers gained access to the system where payroll information and bank account numbers of military personnel are stored. In a small number of cases, home addresses may also be affected.

China's hacking activity

Recently, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Christopher Wray, announced that hackers linked to the Chinese government had penetrated critical infrastructure in the US. They are currently waiting for the right moment to deliver a devastating blow.

In February, the Netherlands accused China of cyber espionage. China denied the allegations.

At the end of March, Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden told Parliament that China was behind a series of cyberattacks on British politicians.