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China vows to cooperate with France on war in Ukraine

China vows to cooperate with France on war in Ukraine The Special Envoy of the Chinese Government for Eurasian Affairs, Li Hui (Photo:

Chinese envoy Li Hui discussed the war in Ukraine with French diplomats. He noted that Beijing would cooperate with Paris regarding the war in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

The meeting took place on March 11. Li Hui met with the Deputy Head of the Department of Policy and Security of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jonathan Lacôte.

The parties discussed Sino-French relations, as well as the "Ukrainian crisis," as the invasion of Russia into Ukraine is referred to in China.

The Chinese special envoy stated, "The most urgent task now is to cool down the situation, find a way to cease fire, and end the war as soon as possible."

The statement said, "China is ready to continue close contacts with France regarding the crisis in Ukraine."

In turn, the representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the war in Ukraine has affected European security and the international order. In his opinion, France and China, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, have greater responsibility and obligations to jointly contribute to resolving the crisis. France is ready to continue communicating with China on this issue at all levels.


Earlier, it became known that the Chinese special envoy Li Hui would visit Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, and Russia. His tour began on March 2.

The Chinese diplomat has already visited Ukraine, Brussels, and Poland. Li Hui discussed Russia's war against Ukraine, calling it the "Ukrainian crisis."

Against the backdrop of the special envoy's tour, the head of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Beijing supports holding a peaceful conference on Ukraine.

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