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China sharply reacts to Arctic LNG-2 sanctions, labels U.S. 'interfering third party'

China sharply reacts to Arctic LNG-2 sanctions, labels U.S. 'interfering third party' Photo: China reacts to U.S. sanctions on Arctic LNG-2 (Getty Images)

China has officially responded to the United States' imposition of sanctions on the Russian project Arctic LNG-2, reports Reuters.

It is reported that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the country's participation in the Russian project for the production of liquefied natural gas, Arctic LNG-2, should not be the subject of any interference or restrictions by third parties.

Mao Ning, an official spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, added that economic cooperation between China and Russia is in line with the mutual interests of both countries and "should not be interfered with or restricted by any third party."

"China has always opposed unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction without the basis of international law," added Ning.

U.S. sanctions against Arctic LNG-2

On November 2, the Arctic LNG-2 project was included in the U.S. sanctions list concerning Russia's production and export capabilities in the energy sector.

According to Jeffrey Payette, the Assistant Secretary of State for Energy, Washington aims to "kill" this Russian project.

Recently, Bloomberg reported that the start of gas deliveries from the advanced Russian Arctic LNG-2 would be delayed after the company declared force majeure due to U.S. sanctions.

Reuters also reported that Chinese state-owned oil companies CNPC and CNOOC had requested the U.S. government to be exempted from sanctions on the Russian Arctic LNG-2 project.

Today, it was announced that the Japanese company Mitsui & Co recalled all its employees from the Arctic LNG-2 project for the development of liquefied natural gas.