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China built several large military bases on islands surrounding Taiwan

China built several large military bases on islands surrounding Taiwan Photo: China has built large military bases on islands around Taiwan (Getty Images)

China has constructed several large military bases on three islands surrounding Taiwan in the South China Sea, stated Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.

"China has already created very enormous South China Sea military bases on the three islands surrounding Taipei - Subi Reef, Fiery Cross Reef and Mischief Reef - and these are all quite close to our Taipei," said the Foreign Minister.

According to him, the Taiwanese authorities should consider using peaceful means to address security issues in the South China Sea and not allow others to think that Taiwan is creating difficulties.

In recent years, according to sources, China has conducted extensive land reclamation on its islands in the South China Sea, building large military air forces and other military facilities, which has caused serious concern in Washington and throughout the region.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry previously stated that Beijing has every right to build and defend what it considers its territory.

What preceded

Earlier, we wrote that China intensified military actions against Taiwan in the "gray zone," saturating areas around the island with drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, and civilian vessels. Thus, Beijing attempts to wear down the opponent on the eve of a potential open war.

Against the backdrop of China's force mobilization, Taiwan's Minister of Defense, Chiu Kuo-chen, confirmed that the US Army's special forces are stationed on remote Taiwanese islands. He stated that their presence was part of an exchange and was meant to be a "training opportunity" for Taiwan's armed forces.