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Child activities leading to injuries: Important for parents to know

Child activities leading to injuries: Important for parents to know Child activities causing injuries (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Not all games and activities are safe for children. Some of them can seriously harm kids. Therefore, parents should be aware of all the risks, according to Nuffpost website.


Emergency physician Christopher Kelly says that swings are often the cause of injuries on playgrounds.

Children of all ages are prone to falls while swinging, which can result in serious arm injuries.


Electric scooters have become quite popular among young people. The faster you move, the higher the likelihood of injury in case of an accident.

To minimize all risks, appropriate protective equipment is necessary.

When riding a regular scooter, there is uneven stress on the legs, which negatively affects the formation of a child's joints.


One of the greatest dangers for children is any body water. This is especially important during summer vacations near water.

It is crucial never to leave children alone near water because it can lead to dangerous consequences.

First of all, children should be informed that:

  • Swimming in bodies of water without designated beaches and lifeguards is prohibited.
  • Approaching and entering water should only be done under adult supervision.
  • Swimming is not advised where there are signs prohibiting it nearby, as it can lead to tragic consequences.
  • Swimming beyond buoys, even with adults nearby, should be avoided.
  • Caution should be exercised in the water, and swimming should not be done in water deeper than the child's height.
  • Diving in unfamiliar places is also prohibited, as it can lead to injuries


This type of entertainment can also lead to injuries.

Jumping very high in the air, at very high speeds, and often at awkward angles can lead to musculoskeletal injuries.

If there are several people on the trampoline, collisions between them can result in injuries.

Improper use means uncontrolled jumps on the head or neck.

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