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Cheapest family skiing resorts in Europe

Cheapest family skiing resorts in Europe Zermatt resort in Switzerland (
Author: Maria Kholina

The ski season in Europe is in full swing, and tourists are searching for budget-friendly trip destinations. At the same time, many are trying to find a place where the whole family could enjoy it, not just adults.

RBC-Ukraine provides a list of affordable European ski resorts that are best suited for family vacations in terms of price-quality ratio.

Best budget-friendly ski resorts in Europe

The mountain ski resort Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been recognized as the best for family vacations and adult relaxation in terms of price and quality. This information comes from a new ranking that complements the annual selection of the cheapest family resorts, the Post Office Travel Money Ski Resort Report 2024. For the first time in a decade, Jahorina surpassed the Bulgarian resort Borovets, which held the top spot for several years.

The resorts in the ranking were primarily analyzed based on the prices for a family of four (two adults and two children aged 6 and 8). In addition to accommodation prices, the analysis also considered the cost of a six-day lift pass, ski and boot rentals for six days, 5-6 lessons with an instructor, the cost of drinks, and six meals at the resorts.

This year's report included eight new resorts, evaluated as excellent locations for a family ski vacation.

Найдешевші лижні курорти Європи. Де відпочити родині з дітьми цієї зими

Photo: Jahorina Resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina (

Bansko in Bulgaria was the cheapest family option in the 2023 report but dropped to sixth place after a significant increase in prices for ski school lessons. The overall cost of a week-long vacation in Bansko also increased by 27%.

Italian resorts were singled out as excellent options for adult skiers due to reasonable prices. Bardonecchia in Italy surpassed Borovets in Bulgaria, which had been considered the cheapest destination for several consecutive years.

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Cost of vacation

The mountain ski resort Bardonecchia, located in the Susa Valley in Italy's Piedmont region, offers 100 kilometers of slopes for skiing and snowboarding with 22 lifts. The winter sports area is situated between elevations of 1312 and 2800 meters.

In Bardonecchia, the total cost for a ski vacation was 597 euros per adult.

Meanwhile, the cost of a week in the Bulgarian resort Borovets increased by 8.2% compared to the previous year. Currently, prices for a vacation there start at 630 euros per person, including skiing with an instructor.

Найдешевші лижні курорти Європи. Де відпочити родині з дітьми цієї зими

Photo: Borovets Resort, Bulgaria (

Borovets in Bulgaria ranks second among the cheapest family resorts, followed by two new entries: Le Corbier in France (686 euros) and Livigno in Italy (690 euros for a six-day vacation).

The ranking also included the Spanish resort Baqueira-Beret for the first time, securing the seventh position (781 euros).

Out of 36 locations analyzed for the cost of mountain ski resorts for adults, the three most expensive resorts are in Switzerland. Zermatt has the highest prices (1500 euros per person).

Найдешевші лижні курорти Європи. Де відпочити родині з дітьми цієї зими

Photo: Zermatt resort in Switzerland is the most expensive one (

Full list of best family resorts:

1. Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Passo Tonale, Italy
3. Bardonecchia, Italy
4. Beitostolen, Norway
5. Bansko, Bulgaria
6. Rauris, Austria
7. Ruka, Finland
8. La Thuile, Italy
9. Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
10. Geilo, Norway

Найдешевші лижні курорти Європи. Де відпочити родині з дітьми цієї зими

Photo: Bansko, Bulgaria (

Best resorts for adult vacations:

1. Bardonecchia, Italy
2. Borovets, Bulgaria
3. Le Corbier, France
4. Livigno, Italy
5. Sauze, Italy
6. Bansko, Bulgaria
7. Baqueira-Beret, Spain
8. Sestriere, Italy
9. La Thuile, Italy
10. Ruka, Finland

Найдешевші лижні курорти Європи. Де відпочити родині з дітьми цієї зими

Photo: Bardonecchia, Piedmont (

Top winter vacation spots in the 2024 season

This season, certain trends can be identified, as highlighted in the research.

  • Prices for vacations increased compared to the previous year at most resorts, although they decreased at a quarter of the locations. Nevertheless, tourists remain interested in winter vacations, and the demand for European ski resorts remains high.
  • Italian resorts continue to dominate the ranking, occupying five out of the top ten spots.
  • France entered the top three best ski resorts for adults for the first time.
  • Swiss resorts are once again recognized as the most expensive.
  • Three new resorts in the ranking: Beitostolen (4th place) and Geilo (10th place) in Norway, as well as Kranjska Gora (9th place) in Slovenia also made it into the top ten most advantageous family resorts.

Meanwhile, winter activities in the Ukrainian Carpathians are often associated with skiing on beautiful snow-covered slopes. However, a significant number of tourists, especially women with children, may not find this leisure activity appealing. Which is why we have previously discussed the entertainment options available to tourists in the Ukrainian Carpathians during winter.