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Best skiing resorts in Europe under €300 this winter

Best skiing resorts in Europe under €300 this winter Jasná ski resort in Slovakia (
Author: Maria Kholina

You can hit the slopes at a bunch of skiing resorts in Europe this winter. However, the cost of such a getaway can be quite high.

A weekly lift pass at major European resorts can set you back around 300 euros and more. Add to that the cost of flights, accommodation, and inflated peak-season prices for even standard burgers and beer.

RBC-Ukraine, citing Lonely Planet, reveals the most intriguing budget-friendly ski resorts in Europe, where a six-day pass in high season can be snagged for less than 275-300 euros.

Borovets, Bulgaria

Known as a winter destination since the late 19th century, Borovets offers 58 kilometers of mostly beginner and intermediate ski trails. Nestled beneath Bulgaria's iconic mountain peak, Mount Musala, standing at 2,560 meters above sea level, Borovets is also recommended for its lively nightlife, featuring reasonably priced alcohol and entertainment.

До 300 євро. Найкращі бюджетні курорти Європи для катання на лижах цієї зими

Photo: Borovets Resort, Bulgaria (

Accommodation costs vary, with budget options including stays in hotels or standard apartments. Occasionally, promotional offers with discounts can be found, allowing a week-long stay for as low as 300 euros. Ski pass prices during high season are around 178 euros for six days.

Getting to Borovets is convenient, with a 90-minute drive from the capital Sofia, and various transport companies offering transfer services starting from 30 euros (excluding ski transportation fees). Cheaper options include taking a bus to Samokov and then transferring by minibus.

Vogel, Slovenia

Nestled beneath Mount Triglav, considered the abode of a three-headed deity by early Slavs, Vogel is a small yet cozy ski resort. Boasting 22 kilometers of trails of varying difficulty, Vogel may not be one of Europe's largest resorts, but guidebooks promise unforgettable views of the Julian Alps, part of the Eastern Alps, and not far from the Dolomites.

Other picturesque places in Slovenia are nearby, such as Lake Bohinj (40 minutes away) and the famous Lake Bled (1 hour). Amidst snowy landscapes, they become even more enchanting.

До 300 євро. Найкращі бюджетні курорти Європи для катання на лижах цієї зими

Photo: Vogel Resort in Slovenia (

Accommodation costs for guest houses near the ski lifts range from approximately 75 euros for a double room. Ski pass prices during high season are around 188 euros for five days.

Getting to the resort is a 90-minute drive from Ljubljana Airport. Opting for a train to Bohinjska Bistrica may be a cheaper alternative.

Sauze d'Oulx, Italy

The vast ski area of Via Lattea (Italian for "Milky Way") spans 440 kilometers along the border of France and Italy. Offering numerous ski trails for all skill levels, with two-thirds marked in red for intermediate skiers, the Italian side is easily accessible from Sauze d'Oulx in the Piedmont region.

До 300 євро. Найкращі бюджетні курорти Європи для катання на лижах цієї зими

Photo: Via Lattea is a resort area in the Italian and French Alps (

Though a small village, Sauze d'Oulx provides a charming atmosphere reflective of northern Italy. In the village center, establishments serve Piedmontese wine, rabbit polenta, fried vegetables, and other northern Italian dishes.

Staying near the Clotes chairlift for a week costs less than 600 euros. Ski pass prices during high season are approximately 212 euros for six days (Italian side of Via Lattea).

To reach Sauze d'Oulx, private transfers from Turin Airport take about 90 minutes and cost around 40 euros. Taking a bus to Porta Nuova and then a train to Oulx is a cheaper alternative.

Jasná Nízke Tatry, Slovakia

Slovakia's largest ski resort, Jasná, combines high peaks with low prices. The 49-kilometer network of ski trails on Mount Chopok, towering at 2024 meters, includes 20 high-speed lifts, with snow covering over half the area. There's a freeride zone, and night skiing is also available.

You can explore local culture and try sampling hearty local cuisine. A substantial portion of the national dish, bryndzové halušky (dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon), and a couple of glasses of Zlatý Bažant beer cost around 10 euros.

До 300 євро. Найкращі бюджетні курорти Європи для катання на лижах цієї зими

Photo: Jasna Resort, Slovakia (

Enhance the experience with a trip to Vlkolínec, a historic village in Slovakia, preserving ancient architecture. Located between the High and Low Tatras, it's referred to as the "real Slovakia" in guides. Once, locals cultivated barley, wheat, oats, potatoes, and cabbage on the terraces of this 14th-century fairytale village, situated 45 minutes from the resort.

Double rooms at accommodation start from 100 euros per night. Ski pass prices during high season range from 154 euros for six days or 274 euros with night skiing.

To get to Jasná, a direct private transfer from Poprad-Tatry Airport costs around 30 euros per person. Alternatively, a combination of taxi, train, and bus (via Liptovský Mikuláš) costs less than 10 euros.