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Watch out for 3 hair cleansing products

Watch out for 3 hair cleansing products Addictive hair care products that may harm your scalp (Photo: Freepik)

Very often, we don't understand our skin and hair type, and furthermore, we might not know what care is suitable for both our hair and scalp types, according to a medical blog.

Some products not only harm the health of our hair but also cause dependence.

Regarding the three products that should not be included in your daily hair care routine:

  • Head & Shoulders:

    • This shampoo is commonly used to combat dandruff but doesn't always effectively treat it

    • Due to its components, it disrupts the entire microbiome, creating dependency, and discontinuing its use can be challenging

  • Lador:

    • When used on an oily scalp, it may lead to excessive hair loss after about six months to a year.

    • While the shampoo effectively cleanses the scalp, it washes away the protective barrier, causing issues with hair loss.

  • Hair Scrub Top Beauty:

    • This scalp scrub is well-known for effectively cleansing the scalp but is very aggressive.

    • The abrasive particles in its composition can irritate the skin, leading to inflammation and peeling.

Personal preferences and reactions may vary, and these recommendations are based on expert observations.

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