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How to care for your hair properly in cold and rainy weather

How to care for your hair properly in cold and rainy weather How to properly care for your hair in cold and rainy weather (Freepik)

When cold weather comes, the owners of long and short hair begin to notice changes. Hair changes its appearance and becomes less manageable. The impact of low temperatures is evident.

RBC-Ukraine (Styler project) asks trichologist Yulia Sedletska whether a specific hair care routine is needed during rainy and cold periods.

Why the hair reacts to weather changes

According to Yulia, our hair will always react extremely to changes in weather. For instance, the cold season is approaching now. Hair starts to electrify, and we can see it becoming dull and brittle.

This is happening because the weather outside becomes very cold and windy, while indoors and in the office, the air is dry because of central heating and heaters.

Care features during the cold period

"I always focus on moisturizing products and hats made of natural materials," Sedletska shares her experience.

Natural factors that damage hair during the cold season

There's a common myth that rain damages our hair, meaning it can become dull, unruly, and lose its shine.

However, the trichologist notes that hair doesn't get damaged only by rain. It gets damaged if we get caught in the rain with strong wind. In a wet state, hair becomes very delicate and easily tangled. When we try to comb it later, we can cause significant damage to it. Therefore, I recommend applying your favorite leave-in product before combing.

How to care for your hair properly in cold and rainy weather

How cold and rain affect the condition of hair (photo: Freepik)

The main rule for hair care during the cold period

"The first and foremost rule is to protect your hair under your outer clothing before leaving the house. This way, your hair won't freeze and tangle in the wind," says Yulia.

So, rain doesn't actually damage your hair; it's a combination of factors that affect its condition, as cold weather has its own peculiarities that affect the state of our hair. But following certain rules can help keep your hair healthy.

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