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'Catastrophic danger': UK, China, U.S. and EU sign declaration on AI

'Catastrophic danger': UK, China, U.S. and EU sign declaration on AI Photo: A bunch of countries opposed to AI (Getty Images)

The USA, EU, Great Britain, and China have signed a joint declaration on artificial intelligence, noting it as a "catastrophic danger," according to The Guardian.

In the first international declaration dedicated to rapidly advancing technologies, the countries agreed that AI poses a potentially catastrophic risk to humanity.

The so-called Bletchley Declaration was signed by twenty-eight countries at the inaugural summit on the security of AI organized by the British government.

In 2022, AI saw rapid development, driven in part by the release of the ChatGPT robot, which became widely used in various fields. As a result, countries are turning to regulate the field of AI.

The CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, called on the United States Congress to regulate AI. It is also known that U.S. senators are conducting classified briefings on this issue.

Additionally, the European Union is preparing a historic law to regulate the use of AI. More details on the restrictions on AI that they plan to introduce are yet to be revealed.