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Carries 13 bombs over 2,000 kilometers. Iran presents Gaza drone

Carries 13 bombs over 2,000 kilometers. Iran presents Gaza drone GAZA drone (photo:

Iran presented the latest long-range drone GAZA, which has a wingspan of 20 meters and can fly at an altitude of 10 kilometers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the drone was presented at the Qatar Expo arms exhibition, which takes place in March 2024 in Doha. It also showed other weapons that Iran could transfer to its allies, such as Russia, Venezuela, or Sudan.

However, the Gaza drone is special because it can carry 13 bombs.

Technical characteristics of the GAZA UAV:

  • can carry 13 bombs;
  • equipped with a turboprop engine;
  • range - 1,243 miles (2,000 km);
  • flight altitude - 35 thousand feet (10.6 km);
  • wingspan - 68 feet (20.7 m);
  • availability of satellite communications;
  • speed, payload - unknown.

According to Iranian manufacturers, the product is ready for use. However, it is not yet known what its cost is and which countries can buy it.

According to the WSJ, the journalists' attention was drawn to the Russian-language brochures, lying next to the air defense missiles. But Spanish-language ones were spotted near a space launcher.

Iran's assistance to the Russian army

It is known that Iran supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the first months of the full-scale invasion. In addition, the country provided Russia with military assistance. In particular, Tehran handed over to Moscow the kamikaze drones that the occupiers have been using to attack Ukraine since the fall of 2022.

Sky News also reported that Iran had developed a new "explosive" drone, the Shahed-107, for Russia, which Moscow could use against Ukraine. The publication also notes that Iran is close to providing the aggressor country with surface-to-surface missiles.