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Cardiologist recommends crucial examination for periodic heart attack detection

Cardiologist recommends crucial examination for periodic heart attack detection How often to undergo cardiac ultrasound (photo: freepik)

Cardiac ultrasound is considered to be the most informative method of heart diagnostics. With the help of this method, doctors can find out the presence of functional and organic lesions of the organ, according to the cardiologist Nataliia Ivaniuk.

Why is this method important?

Cardiac ultrasound, or echocardiography, helps to find out the condition of the valve apparatus.

Ultrasound will show the presence of myocardial infarction, pathological enlargement of the chambers of the heart muscle, thickening of the heart walls (often occurs in athletes), congenital and acquired heart defects, etc.

Thanks to this examination, the doctor receives the information on the main parameters of the heart, determines the treatment, if necessary, and makes the final diagnosis.

Recommended frequency of examination

The cardiologist noted that men over 40 and women over 45 should be examined every 2-3 years, provided there are no health problems. However, with some cardiovascular disease being present, providing there is no aggravation - once a year.

When should checkup be done

It is necessary to do an ultrasound if observed:

  • strong heartbeat, change in heart rhythm

  • shortness of breath, chest pains, constant cough

  • pressure jumps in the upward direction, loss of consciousness

  • edema of the limbs, bluing of the skin

  • causeless increase in body temperature, with increased shortness of breath, palpitations

Contraindications to the examination:

  • the large size of breasts in females

  • bronchial asthma

  • deformation of the sternum

If you decide to undergo a cardiac ultrasound, you should know that:

  • avoid being tired or nervous the day before

  • do not drink alcohol, coffee, or antidepressants

  • normalize the blood pressure if it has gone up.