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Cardiologist explains which diseases often occur in young people

Cardiologist explains which diseases often occur in young people Why heart disease occurs in young people (photo: Freepik)

Many people believe that heart and vascular diseases are more common in older people. However, this is not the case, as the disease is constantly "getting younger," according to the medical community Take care of yourself.

Why heart problems occur in young people

Everyone is accustomed to the idea that problems with the cardiovascular system can affect either those with a family history or people aged 50 and older. However, this is a myth that can be dangerous.

Ukrainian cardiologist Maria Pavlenko explained that cardiovascular diseases consistently rank first in prevalence worldwide. There is also a trend towards their "younger" occurrence with each passing year, meaning that more and more young people are experiencing heart and vascular diseases.

Factors influencing this include: an unbalanced diet, love for fast food, smoking traditional and all kinds of electronic cigarettes, total physical inactivity and lack of exercise, and excessive weight.

All of these factors have an extremely negative impact on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

There are also uncontrolled chronic conditions such as diabetes.

It is important to remember that the foundation for the development of cardiovascular diseases is laid in childhood and young adulthood. Therefore, it is important to take care of your heart and blood vessels regardless of age.

How to avoid heart problems

Doctors advise adhering to a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. This includes physical activity, quality sleep, abstaining from smoking and alcohol, and balanced nutrition.

It is essential to schedule regular visits to your family doctor and undergo recommended screenings annually.

If medications are prescribed, it is important to follow the recommendations. Some medications should be taken long-term, even when you feel nothing is bothering you.

During an electrocardiogram (ECG), the electrical activities of your heart are captured through sensors placed on your chest. The signals obtained are transmitted to a monitor in the form of a curve.

No intervention in the body occurs during the examination, and the technique simply "observes" its function. The method is so safe that the examination can even be conducted at home.

An ECG should be performed if you smoke, engage in professional sports, or if your tests show high cholesterol levels - all of these are risk factors. If you have already experienced a minor heart attack, or suffer from chronic headaches, varicose veins, or thrombophlebitis, it is worth scheduling an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart).

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