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Canadian military plans evacuation of 20,000 people from Lebanon

Canadian military plans evacuation of 20,000 people from Lebanon Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (photo:

Canada has developed a plan to evacuate approximately 20,000 of its citizens from Lebanon in case full-scale hostilities erupt between Israel and Hezbollah. However, these plans hinge significantly on support from allies, according to an interview with Canada's Chief of Defence Staff General Wayne Eyre.

"We can't do it alone. It will very much be a coalition effort, and we are tightly tied in — very tight — with our allies," the general said.

He recalled that in 2006, nearly 15,000 people, mostly Canadians, were evacuated from Lebanon within two weeks after the war between Israel and Hezbollah began.

Eyre acknowledged being very concerned about the prospect of war between Israel and militants based in Lebanon.

According to him, the Canadian military group is currently in Lebanon and is coordinating actions with the embassy in Beirut in case of the worst scenario.

Earlier, Canada and Germany urged their citizens in Lebanon to leave the country urgently due to the threat of armed conflict.

Israel's threat of an incursion into Lebanon

After the start of the war in Gaza, the shelling of Israeli territory by Hezbollah recognized as a terrorist organization by governments including the European Union, has intensified. In response, Israel has struck targets belonging to the organization in Lebanon.

On June 11, Israeli aviation carried out another such strike. Within days, Hezbollah launched over 100 rockets into Israeli territory.

On June 21-22, Israeli aviation conducted strikes on organization targets in four districts in southern Lebanon.

Israeli officials have threatened a military offensive into Lebanon if negotiations fail to push Hezbollah back from the border. Just days ago, the Israeli military announced approval of a plan for an advance into Lebanon, though the US is attempting to prevent cross-border attacks from escalating into full-scale war.

According to CNN, senior US officials have assured Israel of support in case of a full-scale war with Hezbollah.

American intelligence believes that a major confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah is likely to erupt in the coming weeks if Jerusalem and Hamas fail to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza.