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Canada joins drone coalition for Ukraine

Canada joins drone coalition for Ukraine Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair (Facebook)
Author: Maria Kholina

Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair has pledged Ottawa's participation in the work of the defense contact group of the coalition to strengthen Ukraine's capabilities in the field of drones, led by Latvia and the United Kingdom, according to the Canadian government.

As a member of this coalition, Canada will continue to explore ways to expand Ukraine's capabilities in the field of drones.

To date, Canada has made a significant contribution to strengthening Ukraine's UAV potential by providing over 100 specialized cameras for UAVs manufactured in Canada by L3 Wescam.

In addition to these donations, Blair announced last month the transfer of over 800 UAVs from Teledyne FLIR, based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Canada's assistance to Ukraine

Canada has provided military and financial assistance to Ukraine since the onset of full-scale aggression.

On January 23, the Canadian Defense Minister announced a new aid package to Ukraine, including 10 multi-role boats from Zodiac Hurricane Technologies. Canada also announced the start of training for Ukrainians on F-16 fighter jets.

Furthermore, on February 3, it was revealed that Canada is considering transferring CRV7 "air-to-ground" missiles to Ukraine, which the Canadian government had planned to dispose of.

Additionally, the Canadian Ministry of Defense has said that Ottawa is participating in two coalitions subordinate to the Defense Contact Group for Ukraine, namely, the armored coalition and the coalition of air forces.