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Canada allows use of Russian titanium by Airbus despite sanctions - Reuters

Canada allows use of Russian titanium by Airbus despite sanctions - Reuters Illustrative photo: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (Getty Images)

Canada has allowed the company Airbus to use Russian titanium for aircraft production despite sanctions, reports Reuters.

Canada has become the first country to ban the supply of strategic metal in its latest package of measures prompted by the war in Ukraine.

"Airbus is aware of the Canadian government imposing sanctions on VSMPO and has obtained the necessary authorization to secure Airbus operations in compliance with the applicable sanctions," Airbus Canada said in response to a Reuters inquiry.

This move provides Airbus with flexibility at its Canadian plants and is expected to address concerns that its core operations could be affected by the effective ban on importing its European-made jetliners, which heavily rely on lightweight titanium, into Canada.

Sanctions against Russia

Due to the war in Ukraine instigated by Russia, a number of EU countries have imposed sanctions on Russia and Russian individuals and organizations.

As previously reported by RBC-Ukraine, France has proposed that the EU impose sanctions against Russian disinformation. This will enable the European Union to strengthen sanctions against individuals and entities involved in Russia-sponsored destabilizing activities worldwide.

It's worth noting that the European Commission plans to propose sanctions against vessels transporting North Korean weapons to Russia.

Additionally, most EU members have called for restrictions on Russian and Belarusian grain imports. In February, Latvia enacted legislation to ban the import of Russian grain.