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Can babies be worn in slings: Pediatricians weigh in

Can babies be worn in slings: Pediatricians weigh in Is it safe to wear a baby in slings (photo: Freepik)

There are many myths surrounding baby slings, so it's no wonder some parents are hesitant to use them. Pediatricians from Lamalu clinic on Instagram have debunked the most common misconceptions about these products and explained whether babies can be carried in them.

You'll get your child used to being held, then you'll carry them until the army in your arms

"It has long been proven by psychologists and pediatricians that babies who were carried in their parents' arms develop a formed attachment and trust in the world, become independent earlier, and are more easily separated from their mother, as they have fully experienced her closeness," say doctors.

It's uncomfortable for kids in slings

In a sling, a child is in the same position as when held in their mother's arms. Feeling the embrace of their caregiver, the child quickly calms down and falls asleep. Discomfort in a sling, like in one's arms, can be caused by uncomfortable clothing, hunger, inappropriate temperature, the need to go to the toilet, and so on.

A child doesn't have enough breathing room in a sling

A baby's face in a sling is always exposed, allowing the child to breathe freely. There should be enough room for two adult fingers between the baby's chin and chest.

It's difficult for adults to constantly carry a child in a sling

A sling does not imply continuous carrying of the child. It's merely a carrier, an aid in caring for the baby, which frees up the caregiver's hands, relieves the back, and provides mobility. If the question arises - whether to carry the child in a sling or in one's arms, then definitely the sling is better.

Using a sling is an expensive pleasure

There are many sling manufacturers both in Ukraine and worldwide. All products come in different price ranges. A quality new sling costs from 1,600 to 1,800 hryvnas.

If you use a sling, you should give up the stroller

In fact, a sling and a stroller are not mutually exclusive; they effectively complement each other. About 95% of parents successfully combine using a sling and a stroller.

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