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Cameron proposes detaining tankers transporting Russian oil worldwide

Cameron proposes detaining tankers transporting Russian oil worldwide Photo: British Foreign Secretary David Cameron (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The world must stop the Russian war machine, and therefore it is necessary to target the shadow fleet that illegally transports Russian oil, according to UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

According to him, the United Kingdom is working closely with European Union countries, particularly on imposing sanctions against Russian companies and individuals who help continue the war in Ukraine.

"Every time they get close to an Italian port, I want to make sure they are blocked. We will show Putin that we are fully behind Ukraine. We will chase the money, the oil, we will stop the gas, we will stop the ships. We will do everything we can to stop the Russian war machine and show Putin the folly of his actions,” said Cameron.

Sanctions against Russian oil

Sanctions against Russian oil are a key tool used by Western countries to limit Russia's ability to finance its military actions in Ukraine. Since December 5, 2022, the EU has imposed an embargo on the import of Russian crude oil by sea. This embargo was extended to oil products on February 5, 2023.

The United States has also imposed a complete ban on the import of Russian oil and oil products.

The sanctions have led to a significant reduction in Russian oil exports to Western countries, forcing Russia to seek new markets, particularly in Asia, or to find ways to circumvent the sanctions.