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Bulgaria approves allocating to Ukraine €3.6 billion from Eurocommission

Bulgaria approves allocating to Ukraine €3.6 billion from Eurocommission Photo: Bulgarian Parliament approves aid allocation to Ukraine (

Bulgaria's National Assembly has ratified an agreement with the European Commission to provide Ukraine with micro-financial assistance in the amount of 3.6 billion euros, reports Novinite.

116 deputies voted in favor of the ratification of the agreement on assistance to Ukraine, 48 were against, and 6 abstained.

The agreement involves Bulgaria providing guarantees in the amount of 16,654,646 euros.

During the session, contrasting opinions were expressed, including a statement from the leader of the Vazrazhdane, Kostadin Kostadinov, who criticized the allocation of funds to Ukraine, expressing concern about internal priorities.

The assistance aims to strengthen support for Ukraine amid current challenges, sparking debates in the political arena in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian assistance

Earlier, the Bulgarian parliament ratified an agreement for the supply of armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

We also reported that on December 7, the Defense Committee of the Bulgarian parliament approved the provision of defective anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, as well as assistance in training pilots on F-16 aircraft.