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British Prime Minister might be removed from office before parliamentary elections - Bloomberg

British Prime Minister might be removed from office before parliamentary elections - Bloomberg Photo: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (Getty Images)

Members of the British Cabinet are discussing the possibility of replacing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as head of the country's government before the parliamentary elections, according to Bloomberg.

The cabinet ministers have held private discussions recently, exploring the possibility that the party may be forced to replace Sunak before the UK elections this year.

The question is whether an interim leader will help contain the surge of the opposition Labor Party that many fear.

Rishi Sunak received the support of the vast majority of conservative politicians, who were convinced that another change of leader would cause much more political damage than retaining him.

The negotiations were catalyzed by a series of political machinations that exposed Sunak's inability to make quick political decisions, including unveiling new tax cut promises and controversy over racist remarks.

The newspaper notes that ministers involved in the talks continue to support Sunak and do not want a change of leadership now.

It appears that no rival has enough support to challenge him, bolstering allies' hopes that the prime minister will hold on until elections, which he says will likely be held in the second half of 2024.

What is known about Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak, 42, became the youngest Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in more than 200 years. He succeeded Liz Truss, who served for less than two months, the shortest term in British history.

Sunak has repeatedly reaffirmed his support for Ukraine. During his tenure, the two countries signed a security guarantee agreement.

This was the first bilateral agreement within the framework of the declaration of support for Ukraine adopted during the NATO Summit in Vilnius between Ukraine, G7 members, and their accession states.

The document consists of 9 parts and provides guarantees of financial, military and other types of support, and its validity period is ten years with the possibility of extension. RBC-Ukraine wrote more about what exactly the British security guarantees provide in an article.