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British intelligence: Ukraine's defensive construction hampers Russian capabilities

British intelligence: Ukraine's defensive construction hampers Russian capabilities Photo: the construction of defense positions by Ukraine will reduce the capabilities of the Russians (frame from the video)

Ukraine has likely accelerated the construction of defensive positions along several sections of the front line, which in turn will diminish Russia's ability to advance, reports the British Ministry of Defense.

According to intelligence reports, our soldiers' defensive positions include:

  • anti-tank obstacles known as "dragon's teeth";
  • trenches;
  • infantry trenches;
  • minefields;
  • fortified positions.

"It is highly likely the expansion of defensive lines will reduce Russia's ability to advance or exploit tactical gains as part of it ongoing offensive operations," the intelligence adds.

It is noted that the creation of primary defensive positions indicates the attritional nature of the war, so "any attempt to conduct breaching operations will highly likely to be accompanied with high losses."

Recently, RBC-Ukraine reported that engineering troops of the Support Forces are constructing fortifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As Dmytro Lykhoviy, the spokesperson for the Operational grouping of troops Tavria, pointed out, there is no such thing as too many fortifications during wartime. However, they cannot be compared to the wall in the series Game of Thrones.

According to Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk, construction work on defensive lines is progressing at an accelerated pace. Still, the biggest problem is enemy drones.

Meanwhile, in the Avdiivka direction, fortifications are currently being built on the second line of defense.