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Ukraine builds defense line at accelerated pace: General names main problem

Ukraine builds defense line at accelerated pace: General names main problem The defense line in Ukraine is being built at an accelerated pace (
Author: Maria Kholina

Currently, construction works on defense lines are progressing at an accelerated pace. However, the most significant problem lies in Russian drones, according to Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk.

According to the general, during a working trip, he traveled hundreds of kilometers along the front line.

“On-site, together with representatives of the parliament and heads of regional military administrations, we assessed the situation and discussed problematic issues. Engineering works on the construction of defense lines have been progressing at an accelerated pace recently. The weather has been favorable for several weeks now. New forces and technical capabilities have been involved. The government has allocated necessary funds," Havryliuk said.

According to him, a comprehensive plan for fortifying defense lines has been drawn up and approved, specifying the volumes of work, deadlines, and responsibilities for each section.

"Defense lines are being arranged by both military units, including units of the Support Forces Command and the State Special Transport Service, as well as civilian labor brigades. I emphasize that practically all regional military administrations are involved in the task of building defense lines," Havryliuk explained.

Biggest problem

According to him, works on fortifying defense lines are continuing nonstop, as long as the security situation and weather permit.

"Currently, the biggest problem during the construction of defense lines is enemy drones. They often obstruct the deployment of necessary construction equipment, endanger the lives of our soldiers, military engineers, civilian brigades, and disrupt the pace of work," Havryliuk added.