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British intel named reasons for cancelling celebrations on May 9 in Russia

British intel named reasons for cancelling celebrations on May 9 in Russia Photo: Russia cancels parades until May 9 (Getty Images)

For the second year in a row, Russia is cancelling the traditional Immortal Regiment March and parades leading up to May 9th. One reason for this is that such events could be a venue for expressing dissatisfaction over the war against Ukraine, according to the British Ministry of Defense on X.

Russia has cancelled the traditional Immortal Regiment Marches, but relatives are encouraged to display portraits of the deceased on cars and in public places from May 1st to May 11th.

Additionally, in the Bryansk, Pskov, Belgorod, Ryazan, and Kursk regions of Russia, parades leading up to May 9th have been canceled. Intelligence suggests that Russians fear Ukrainian attacks. The British Ministry of Defense reminded that a week before May 9th in 2023, a drone exploded over the Kremlin.

"This is the second year in a row that the Immortal Regiment March has been cancelled, and Victory parades curtailed on security grounds. This year, President Putin's inauguration precedes Victory Day, taking place on May 7th. The potential for protests and discontent over the Ukraine war are also likely to have influenced the calculus of the Russian leadership," the summary reads.

Explosion over the Kremlin

Recall that on the night of May 3rd, 2023, an explosion occurred in the center of Moscow. Russians claimed it was a drone attack and alleged that all drones were "shot down."

Footage posted online clearly shows one of the drones exploding over the Kremlin tower.

Russia blamed Ukraine for the alleged attack, while Moscow called the incident an "assassination attempt on Putin." Ukraine refuted Russia's accusations.