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Brain fog: Doctor names 5 reasons causing this condition

Brain fog: Doctor names 5 reasons causing this condition The doctor names the causes of memory problems and fog in the head (photo:

Brain fog is a feeling of "fuzziness" as if there is cotton wool in the head. This is mental lethargy, when you forget words, become more inattentive, think more slowly, and find it harder to get things done, says neurologist Hanna Cherednychenko.

Causes of brain fog

Stress. Leads to changes in the substance of the brain, impaired memory and attention.

Bad sleeping habits. Regular sleep of less than 4 hours robs you of 8 hours of life. Sleeping more than 9-10 hours is also not good for memory.

Poor nutrition. Sugar and saturated fatty acids are memory killers. And if there are not enough vegetables and fruits in the diet, a deficiency of important vitamins is added.

Medicine. Ask your doctor if your ongoing medications may be impairing your memory.

Covid. Recently, the number of patients with brain fog after covid has increased significantly, and these complications do not depend on the severity of the infection.

What can be done with brain fog

Of course, you should go to the doctor for memory tests and blood tests. You should also pay attention to your lifestyle:

  • Establish sleep hygiene

  • Do sports and walks

  • Eat a balanced diet

  • Relax

  • Train your memory

  • Take medicine if there are pronounced impairments

Also, the doctor advises useful vitamins and minerals, which should be taken after consultation with the doctor: vitamin D, C, B12, folic acid, omega-3, coenzyme Q10, magnesium, zinc and iron.

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