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Bitcoin hits $60 000, first time since 2021

Bitcoin hits $60 000, first time since 2021 Photo: Bitcoin price reaches $60,000 (

The price of Bitcoin has reached $60,000 for the first time since November 2021, according to Bloomberg.

This year the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency has increased in price by more than 40%, as the media notes.

This was facilitated by the successful launch of American Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, which attracted over $6 billion since the beginning of trading on January 11.

The historical peak of Bitcoin's value was set in November 2021 when the cryptocurrency was priced at $69,000.

Since the beginning of last year, the value of Bitcoin has tripled, recovering from a 64% decline in 2022.

Bitcoin forecast

In September of last year, the investment fund Pantera Capital published a new forecast for the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Experts expect the Bitcoin to grow rapidly in value in the coming years.