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Biden considering use army funds to aid Ukraine, Bloomberg

Biden considering use army funds to aid Ukraine, Bloomberg Photo: US President Joe Biden (Getty Images)

The administration of President Joe Biden is considering raising approximately $200 million from the US Army funds to provide immediate support to Ukraine, according to Bloomberg.

The funding can be used to cover the costs of critically important weapons, supplies, and other equipment.

At the moment, Ukraine is facing a shortage of artillery, and Russian forces have recently made small territorial gains in the past few weeks.

"Debate over utilizing a small amount of Pentagon reserves underscores the furious effort at the White House to find any possible support for Ukraine," according to Bloomberg.

The sources indicate that a final decision has not yet been made. The White House is focused on convincing the US House of Representatives to pass a bill assisting Ukraine. Biden is confident that if the Speaker of the House puts the bill to a vote, it will be approved by a substantial majority of votes.

US assistance to Ukraine

The US Congress has been unable to approve new funding for assistance to Ukraine for several months, to continue supplying weapons and more. This situation is linked to differences between Republicans and Democrats on border security issues, the funding for which is included in the assistance package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Recently, the Senate passed a separate bill on funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. For it to take effect, the document still needs approval from the House of Representatives and the signature of President Joe Biden.

The House of Representatives may vote on financial assistance to Ukraine at the end of March or in April, according to CNN.