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Biden visited doctor, who gave US President clean bill of health

Biden visited doctor, who gave US President clean bill of health President of the US, Joe Biden (photo: Getty Images)

President Joe Biden visited his doctor after his unsuccessful performance in last week's debate and received a clean bill of health, according to The Hill.

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates confirmed to The Hill that Biden visited his doctor a few days after last week's debates to check on his cold and is now recovering well.

Biden's team indicated that the cold had hindered him during the debates, where he spoke with a quiet, hoarse voice and struggled to articulate thoughts coherently or refute numerous false claims made by former President Donald Trump. His performance raised concerns among some Democrats about his ability to run for a second term.

On Wednesday, July 3, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre added that Biden still had a lingering cold but overall felt well, stating he was ready to go. However, after meeting with Biden, governors reassured that they were comforted by his campaign and fully supported him.

The President asserted that voters should not be deterred by his debate performance but instead focus on his long record of accomplishments.

"I didn’t have a good debate. That’s 90 minutes on stage. Look at what I’ve done in 3 1/2 years," Biden said.

Resonant debates between Biden and Trump

Last week in Atlanta, the first round of debates took place between the incumbent US President Joe Biden, and his main election rival, former President Donald Trump.

However, during the discussion, Biden spoke with a quiet and hoarse voice, appearing weak and lacking in arguments.

After the unsuccessful debates, the current president briefly considered withdrawing from the race. Nevertheless, his family urged him not to abandon the contest.

Meanwhile, colleagues are planning to sign a letter demanding Biden withdraw from the race.