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Democrats consider demanding Biden to withdraw from elections - Bloomberg

Democrats consider demanding Biden to withdraw from elections - Bloomberg Photo: Joe Biden, President of the United States (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Representatives of the US Democratic Party may sign a letter demanding President Joe Biden withdraw from the election race, according to Bloomberg.

According to an unnamed official, Democrats running for re-election in "traditionally safe Democratic districts" are pushing the possibility of such a letter. This indicates the widespread panic about Biden within the party.

So far, only one Democrat, Lloyd Doggett, has publicly called on Biden to withdraw his candidacy. Several other party members have also distanced themselves from the President.

“I reject the notion this was a bad night and everything’s OK (referring to the Biden and former US President Donald Trump debate - ed.). This was a bad night, and it’s a serious situation that has to be dealt with,” commented Democrat Mike Quigley to Bloomberg.

One of Biden's top campaign sponsors, Charles Myers, noted that events are moving “much faster against the president” than he expected.

“I think they got probably another five to six days (to decide on a candidate - ed.),” he added.

What preceded it

Earlier in the US, debates took place between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The current American leader lost those debates. Against this backdrop, panic and discussions about a possible candidate replacement began within the Democratic Party.

As reported today, July 3, by The New York Times, Biden has expressed doubts about his ability to continue participating in the presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the main candidate to replace Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. According to polls, she trails slightly behind Trump.