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Biden's family urges him to go on in presidential race - CNN

Biden's family urges him to go on in presidential race - CNN US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden (Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden's family urged him to stay in the 2024 election race. Besides, they privately discussed whether senior aides should be fired after Biden's speech at the debate, reports CNN.

Advisers to the American leader said that the Biden family, including First Lady Jill Biden, son Hunter Biden, and their grandchildren, gathered at Camp David for a previously scheduled meeting and urged the president to continue his re-election campaign. One adviser said the family members expressed their "unequivocal support".

According to a CNN source, the family, clearly disappointed with the team that prepared Biden for the debate with former President Donald Trump, discussed whether to fire any of the top advisers and make changes to the campaign staff.

Biden, however, is known for being loyal to and protective of his close advisers and does not like to fire aides. As of Sunday, there did not appear to be any major staff changes.

The family gathering at the presidential residence came as Biden and his campaign faced an avalanche of calls for the president to withdraw from the presidential debates.

According to one of the advisers, the conversation was about how Biden's family members could help the president, not whether he should reconsider his candidacy.

Biden's failure in the debate with Trump

This November, the US will hold a presidential election. Last week, the first TV debate between the candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, took place.

According to the debate results, 67% of viewers admitted that Trump won over Biden, while 33% believed that the current US president performed better.

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