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Belarus introduces counterterrorism operation near Ukrainian border

Belarus introduces counterterrorism operation near Ukrainian border A counterterrorist operation was introduced in part of Belarus (Russian media)
Author: Maria Kholina

Belarus has initiated a counterterrorism operation in a part of the Gomel region, which shares a border with Ukraine, according to BelTA.

Belarusian media, in coordination with the State Security Committee (KGB), announced the implementation of the counterterrorism operation in the Lelchitsky district of the Gomel region, which is situated near the border with Ukraine, adjacent to the Zhytomyr and Rivne regions.

Residents of the area have been urged to remain calm and cooperate with law enforcement personnel, as reported by BelTA. However, neither Belarusian media nor the KGB has disclosed the specific reasons behind the initiation of the counterterrorism operation.

Belarus and its cooperation with Russia

Belarus has been actively aiding Russia since the outset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This assistance includes hosting Russian military equipment and troops on its territory. According to Ukrainian Armed Forces, thousands of Russian soldiers have been concentrated along the northern Belarusian border with Ukraine.

Besides, Belarus has been conducting joint exercises with Russia since April 29, 2022. Consequently, Ukrainian military forces continue to bolster their defenses along the border in response to these developments.