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Azov commander explains how long war in Ukraine will last

Azov commander explains how long war in Ukraine will last Azov Brigade (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Many Ukrainians wonder how long the war against Russia will last. This question was answered by the commander of the Azov Brigade, Denys Prokopenko, call sign Redis.

How long will this war last?

Prokopenko notes that "The uncertainty and the chance that the fighting will continue for years are weighing on civilians and sometimes even on the military." He says that Russia will never let Ukraine go from its realm of geopolitical influence.

"The war will continue as long as we are able to resist. Any "truce" or "agreement" is just another time out to accumulate resources for a further offensive. Our ability to mobilize all the necessary resources at a critical moment and work on the verge of extraordinary capabilities should not gradually turn into initiative-free stability," the military writes.

According to the Azov commander, many people in Ukraine and abroad still refuse to "accept the ruthless reality as it is."

"Some try to convince themselves that everything is about to end on its own. Others, on the contrary, are petrified at the mere thought that peace in Ukraine may take almost a decade to reach," he writes.

Russian informational and psychological attacks aimed at demoralizing the Ukrainian society are pouring fuel on the fire: they say that Ukraine will not be able to withstand a long marathon, the army and volunteers will get tired and break down, the defender notes.

"Azov has been at war for ten years. For us, it all started long before February 24, 2022. Since then, we have learned to ignore fatigue and not give in to despair; we have realized that perhaps not only our youth, but our entire lives will be spent on the frontlines of the war for Ukraine's independence; we have realized that we have no other path but the one we have consciously chosen," Denys writes.

The lieutenant colonel believes that the best cure for despair, panic, or apathy caused by reflections on the timing of this war is active involvement in the historical processes that are taking place here and now.

He also says that no one knows the exact day, month or year when we will win and be able to return to our families..

"But we are confident that no matter how long the war lasts, we have our trusted brothers-in-arms by our side, love for our country in our hearts, and weapons in our hands. And all this will not let us retreat: neither today, nor in a year or ten years," Prokopenko continues.

"Those who are not yet serving in the Ukrainian Defense Forces must make a deliberate choice: to pick up arms and join the ranks of the military, or to become a reliable backbone for the army, working to support the country's defense potential. This is a long war. It can last for years. It depends on us what we do daily to bring our victory closer," summarizes the Azov commander.