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Australia to provide Ukraine with speed boats : Details

Australia to provide Ukraine with speed boats : Details Australia to provide Ukraine with Sentinel 830R RHIBs (
Author: Maria Kholina

Australia will provide Ukraine with high-speed Sentinel 830R RHIB boats as part of a new $100 million aid package for Kyiv, citing the Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Miroshnychenko, and Sentinel Boats.

"While in Hobart, in addition to delivering talks at Tasmanian Club and Royal United Services Institute, I was also able to inspect the boats which are manufactured for Ukraine at the innovative Tassie company Sentinel," said the ambassador.

According to him, these boats are included in the latest aid package from the Australian government for Ukraine.

About boats

The Sentinel 830R RHIBs are modern boats. Simply put, they are inflatable boats with a rigid hull manufactured by Sentinel Boats.

"The speed and agility of the 830R platform is expected to be used across a range of mission profiles, from riverine operations in Ukraine’s complex waterways, through to open-sea boarding operations," said the company's press service.

According to the ambassador, these boats will be used by special operations units to carry out various landing missions and tasks.

"They are fast, they are durable and they will be very handy and helpful for whatever we need them to do," Miroshnychenko said.

Australia's aid to Ukraine

At the end of April 2024, it was announced that Australia would allocate a new $100 million military aid package to Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal mentioned that half of this amount will go towards a large batch of RBS 70 NG MANPADS. Over $30 million will be allocated for drones as part of the drone coalition, with the remaining amount for other military needs. Additionally, Australia will provide Ukraine with air-to-ground munitions.

Overall, Australia's support for Ukraine by the end of April 2024 totaled over $655 million, of which $540 million was military aid.