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Attack on Odesa - Art museum damaged, injuries reported

Attack on Odesa - Art museum damaged, injuries reported Photo: Consequences of the evening attack on Odesa (

Yesterday, on November 5, Russian forces attacked Odesa with missiles. Many buildings have been damaged, and there are casualties.

RBC-Ukraine has compiled the main events of the shelling of Odesa on the evening of November 5.

Sources used to prepare this material include the Telegram channels of Oleh Kiper, the head of Odesa Regional State Administration, Suspilne Odesa media, the Armed Forces of Southern Ukraine, Odesa National Art Museum, and the Facebook page of Odesmiskelektrotrans (Odesa municipal transport company).

Combined attack and air defense efforts

The enemy targeted Odesa with Onyx and Iskander-M missiles. Fragments hit the city center and a preserved industrial building, respectively. Several multi-story residential buildings were damaged by the shockwave.

The enemy also employed strike drones Shahed-131/136. The air defense forces managed to destroy 15 drones, including 2 Shaheds that targeted Ukrainian Navy vessels. Unfortunately, the attacks damaged storage facilities, unloading equipment, and vehicles carrying grain. The fire was quickly extinguished.

Five residents sought medical assistance with various injuries and were hospitalized.

Windows in multi-story buildings in Odesa were blown out due to the explosions

According to the mayor Hennadii Trukhanov, the district administration will work in the morning to assist those whose homes were damaged in the Russian attack.

Art museum hit

The art museum in Odesa suffered serious damage due to the attacks, a water supply system, and several buildings.

The building's walls were damaged, and some windows were shattered. Inspections and damage assessments of another UNESCO World Heritage site are underway. The city's mayor stated that all museum exhibits have been preserved.

On November 6, Odesa National Art Museum celebrates its 124th anniversary.

Shelling of Odesa on November 5

Russian forces shelled Odesa twice yesterday, on November 5. The residents of the regional center heard explosions. The occupiers launched an anti-radiolocation missile Kh-31P from the Black Sea's waters toward the region.

In the evening, Odesa residents heard explosions during an air alert. A representative of the Southern Ukrainian defense forces, Natalia Humeniuk, mentioned the operation of air defense systems.

As a result of the evening attack on Odesa by the Russians, five people were injured by shrapnel, and they received the necessary assistance.