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ATESH partisans discovered enemy radar station in occupied Dzhankoy, Crimea

ATESH partisans discovered enemy radar station in occupied Dzhankoy, Crimea Photo: Protivnyik-GE radar station was discovered near Dzhankoy airfield (

Ukrainian partisans have discovered the Protivnik-GE radar station located to the southwest of the temporarily occupied airfield in Dzhankoy (Crimea), reports the Telegram channel of the partisan movement ATESH.

The station detects air targets and transmits information to the anti-aircraft defense covering the airfield. The coordinates of the station's location are 45.6934554, and 34.3966575.

The ATESH partisans note that previously, this did not save the occupiers from air strikes on the mentioned facility.

Additionally, near the station, the partisans discovered a repair base and a parking location for military vehicles in the settlement of Novostepne.

Activity of ATESH partisans in Crimea

Agents of the partisan movement continuously monitor and conduct raids on objects of the Russian occupiers in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Recently, ATESH partisans conducted a reconnaissance of ammunition depots of the Russian Black Sea Fleet located in the Saky district of Crimea.

Additionally, the partisans carried out reconnaissance and identified a new headquarters of the 22nd Army Corps of the Russian Federation in Simferopol. Currently, there is reinforcement of military units and camouflage activities at the site.

Moreover, the partisans documented ships in Novorossiysk from which Russia shelled Ukraine.