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At 51, Dita Von Teese looks 10 years younger than her age: What is the secret of burlesque queen

At 51, Dita Von Teese looks 10 years younger than her age: What is the secret of burlesque queen Photo: Dita Von Teese revealed the secret of her skin (Getty Images)

51-year-old burlesque star Dita Von Teese has revealed the secret to her youthful skin. She admitted that she wished someone had told her this skincare trick earlier because now she can't do without it, according to The Sun.

Secret to Dita Von Teese's youthful skin

Dita looks ten years younger than her age, and there's a specific reason for that. The burlesque queen recently revealed the secret to her flawless skin.

Like many celebrities, she always applies sunscreen to her face and remembers to reapply it. But that's not the only anti-aging method she has incorporated into her lifestyle.

During a podcast, she said, "No one wants to hear this," but she can't stay silent anymore. The secret to the star's youthful complexion lies in sleeping exclusively on her back.

51-річна Діта фон Тіз виглядає на 10 років молодше свого віку. В чому секрет королеви бурлеску

The famous act of Dita Von Teese (Screenshot from the video)

"I wish somebody would have told me when I was young how good it is for you to sleep on your back," she confessed.

It took time to master the sleeping technique, and Dita had to retrain herself not to sleep on her side.

She realized where specific wrinkles came from by sleeping with her face against the pillow.

"I taught myself to sleep on my back and it has worked miracles," she said in an interview.

How is your sleeping position related to facial skin

The correlation between sleeping on your back and reducing fine lines and wrinkles is also linked to the force of gravity. Sleep experts suggest that sleeping on your back may contribute to spine alignment and reduce snoring or acid reflux.

"When side or stomach sleeping, your face presses against your pillow. This pressure can lead to fine lines and wrinkles," experts assert.

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