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Astrological alert: These zodiac signs signal dark times

Astrological alert: These zodiac signs signal dark times These zodiac signs have problems (Image:

The upcoming week could pose a serious test of strength for representatives of three zodiac signs. They may encounter challenges, but avoiding danger is entirely possible. Who should prepare for the start of a black streak tells Spiritualify.


On Monday, you may feel tired. At some point, it may seem like time has stopped. However, don't allow yourself to sink into routine and sadness.

If you can keep yourself in check, the black streak won't begin. Drive away gloom and laziness, tackle problems, and overcome obstacles. And be sure to give yourself a break; to do this, you should set boundaries and not allow anyone to disturb you.


Next week, sudden changes may throw you off track. You usually adapt easily to everything, but this time something might go wrong. However, listen to your inner voice; are you ready to accept the start of a black streak?

Trust your inner wisdom and don't try to change what is beyond your control. And if you let go of the situation and try to go with the flow, problems will pass you by. Refrain from making important decisions.


From April 22, you may feel an incredible surge of energy. However, along with this, difficulties will enter your life. You'll have to make a tough choice, doubts will plague you.

Don't expect help and support; it will only sadden you even more. You should act without delay and doubt. The black streak may end quickly if you eliminate all sources of negativity.

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