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Astrologers reveal which gemstones bring most luck

Astrologers reveal which gemstones bring most luck Find out which gemstones bring wealth (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Astrologers believe that certain gemstones have the ability to influence a person's life. For example, they can attract love, wisdom, money, and happiness into one's life.

Names of the gemstones that bring luck and how to wear jewelry to make you the happiest, according to Astrotalk.

Selecting a gemstone for luck and wealth

According to astrologers, not all gemstones can influence various aspects of life. However, if you know exactly what you want, some gemstones may help:

  • Rubies are associated with awakening leadership qualities, overcoming complexes, and boosting self-confidence

  • Sapphires are believed to enhance wisdom and promote emotional composure. They can be helpful for those who struggle to achieve success due to a lack of self-discipline

  • Diamonds are often connected with love and harmony. They are thought to assist in building strong and harmonious relationships, aiding individuals in finding their life partners

  • Emeralds are associated with coping with insecurity and self-doubt. They are also believed to enhance intelligence and assist individuals in finding new sources of knowledge

If you need financial stability, consider adorning yourself with jewelry featuring sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. These gemstones are believed to help awaken the qualities necessary for career advancement and financial success. On the other hand, if your dream is to find your life partner, but you often find yourself diving headlong into relationships, diamonds are not your only option, sapphires are also thought to bestow wisdom.

Астрологи відповіли, які коштовності приносять успіх. Алмази для кохання, рубіни - для мудрості

Which gemstones bring success (Image:

How to choose jewelry for happiness

However, the choice of the gemstone is not the only important factor. There are various types of jewelry, and astrologers believe each of them to transmit the power of the precious stones differently. For example:

  • Earrings: This type of jewelry is capable of enhancing the influence of the gemstones on a person's intellect and communication with society
  • Ring: The choice of finger and even a specific finger is incredibly important, as the gemstone on the little finger may influence wealth, while on the index finger, it may only attract the attention of the opposite sex
  • Bracelet: This accessory helps concentrate all the positive energy of the gemstone
  • Pendant: Wear a gemstone on a chain if you want to find love and protect yourself from negative external influence

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