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Astrologer explains what to expect from new eclipse corridor

Astrologer explains what to expect from new eclipse corridor What to expect from the eclipse corridor (photo: Freepik)

One of the most crucial periods of the year - the eclipse season - is already beginning, so it's important to be aware of what the new eclipse corridor has in store for us, according to astrologer Anastasiia Bryut.

What to expect from the new eclipse corridor

"Let's start with what the eclipse corridor is. If we take our situation, the first lunar eclipse occurs on March 25th, and the second on April 8th. The time between them is called the corridor," Anastasiia began her forecast.

And this is the same karmic, magical, call it what you want, 5-time that gives each of us something of its own. For someone, it's understanding, for someone, it's closing issues, a complete reset, a beginning, for someone, it's an end, but the essence is the same.

An eclipse is something you can't escape from; events that are prewritten happen during this period.

"During an eclipse, what is programmed for us, our destiny, happens, as some may say. During this period, events occur from which it is impossible to escape, and I will even say that you don't need to run away from them, no matter what they are," the astrologer noted.

The happiest person is the one who lives according to their program. This is your very first choice, even before you came here.

Астролог пояснила, чого чекати від нового Коридора Затемнень

What to expect from the eclipse corridor (photo: Freepik)

The eclipse passes through our karmic nodes and activates the program for those who are not in it, gives hints, and gives a clear vision of situations, so if you don't like some truth, it's not a problem. It's just your misunderstanding, you understand.

During the eclipse, what you need happens, not what you want. And there's a difference. So, those who say that an eclipse is very scary, are people who do not fully understand what processes are happening during this time and why, on the contrary, you should wait for this period.

"The eclipse period does not filter information and presents it in the form you chose long ago. Therefore, this time is the best hint. All the topics that are now highlighted in your life are the ones that should be the focus of your attention to the maximum," says Anastasiia.

The eclipse will never present information gently. It is presented in its pure form, and you decide what to do with it. But you definitely cannot ignore it.

"The eclipse is currently passing through the Aries-Libra axis. This is a very important time. Remember, there are two paths. Higher and lower. What are the two paths in Aries? Higher - loner, Lower - aggressor."

'Loner is not about solitude. It's about I am in myself. I am a warrior. But not an'aggressor. It's about actions. It's when I do as I want, not as others want. It's about character, spirit, and will, but in no way about aggression and anger.

The eclipse illuminates the overall picture and each person individually. Personally - you see for yourself, collectively - what everyone sees. We see what eclipse we had in the fall.

"Globally, we are going the lower path. For now, that's how it is. Let's now talk about the personal state. The Aries-Libra axis is about communication, relationships, and the ability to negotiate. Right now, that's the only thing that works in space," writes the astrologer.

We are multiplying many things now. And we can inadvertently multiply aggression even when we don't feel it.

The more aggression there is, the more there will be now. That's why I've been repeating to you lately to help more and not get involved in the lower path. It works now a hundred out of a hundred.

The more agreements, the easier it will be to live. Either-or. No other way. Therefore, in such a hellish struggle in which we live now, it is very important to remember the simple but very important things.

Especially now, during the corridor of eclipses, many programs are activated, and each of us is observing them. If nothing is happening in your life right now, it simply means that your movements are very small, and don't say it's not true.

Every skeptic has the right to their opinion, but it's your life. If you're saying that nothing is happening, maybe you need to shut out that skeptic and at least listen to something. Choose for yourself how to live better.

For those for whom nothing is happening right now, you're not moving. They help and see those who are taking steps, not one, not two, not ten, but a thousand per second. Because this time is exactly for steps.

Partnerships and relationships are a global theme of the eclipse. There are currently many conflicts, breakups, new acquaintances, and arguments happening. It's important to talk, negotiate, and use diplomacy without shouting or aggression, remembering the two paths.

Regarding Aries, it's about pride, but not arrogance. Maintain honor and respect. And those who don't deserve it, why are they around now?

Important issues are being raised, important topics are being discussed, so don't ignore them. Have important conversations, make plans with your partner, and talk about everything you couldn't talk about before.

"For everyone, the eclipse will pass as it should. Right now, be very attentive to your life, and I'm not exaggerating. This is a serious period," noted Anastasia.

Remember the main thing - everything done during the eclipse is for the long term. Therefore, the astrologer advises to be careful with conflicts and breakups, as they can drag on.

If you are breaking up, it will be very difficult to turn back, so they say not to do important things during this period. But Anastasiia disagrees with this fact.

"Doing important things is exactly what you should do if you are sure. For example, if you have wanted to break up with someone for a long time but couldn't - this is the best time. If you are deciding to start a family with your partner if you are discussing plans - this has great potential," says Anastasiia.

The main motive of the eclipse is to take hints. This is the best resource. The action of the eclipse has already begun.

Астролог пояснила, чого чекати від нового Коридора Затемнень

What to expect from the eclipse corridor (photo: Freepik)

What has already started happening? What topics are you experiencing now?

All the topics that are being raised in your life right now - these topics should be open and you should come to some conclusion. Even if you don't know what to do with it yet, try to think about why it's important to you, and don't run away if you already know the answer.

Remember, you are not your enemy. Only your hands and head - they are your best help.

Don't make decisions now that you're not sure about. The eclipse is about the soul, the program, and the heart, but not about the head and logic. Turn off the logic. Don't argue now, don't get into dubious stories. Remember that what is tied up now - it's for a long time.

"And one more rule of the eclipse. Everyone who is leaving your life now, with whom you are ending communication - these are the people who no longer belong by your side. Just let go, and then you will understand why it's important to you. Everything that is leaving you now - should have left a long time ago," concludes the astrologer.

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