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Astrologer explained if 2024 truly carries essence of karma

Astrologer explained if 2024 truly carries essence of karma Is it true that 2024 is the year of karma (photo: Freepik)

People everywhere are saying that 2024 is the year of karma, and many find it very frightening. But is it that dangerous for each of us, or perhaps 2024 will bring something other than karmic lessons, according to a post by astrologer Anastasia Bryut.

Is 2024 truly the year of karma

Starting with our Year of Karma, 2024 is supposedly considered the year of karma because the number 8 is seen as the most karmic.

Anastasia says that the number 8 signifies transformation, death, rebirth, and is considered the karmic number. That's why everyone is now afraid of this number, as the year has come when supposedly everyone will be held accountable for their sins. So, if such a year has come, why should we be afraid? The main thing is to scare people so that everyone is already afraid to breathe.

"The most karmic number that exists is 6, not 8. But it's not life protocols that save, but experience. The year doesn't depend on general numbers, but on productivity and the human factor. If we've already decided to delve into the Karmic Year – the year of karma and revenge, then let's do it," explains the astrologer.

Anastasia explained where this number 8 comes from: 2024: 2+0+2+4=8. That is, the year's number is 8. If you add up all your data – birth year, month, and day – and if you get the number 8, then your destiny number is 8.

Or when your personal year begins with the number 8, you don't die; stories in your life unfold that guide you toward development, transformation, and people you need to say goodbye to – you do it in that year and then in the next.

In other words, a person experiences a certain cycle every year. Therefore, if you break it down to the second, it turns out to be a huge diary for one person based on their data and events.

Астролог пояснила, чи дійсно 2024 є роком карми

Is it true that 2024 is the year of karma (photo: Freepik)

"Now, if we take the general year for everyone in 2024 – it means that it will be written in calendars, every car will become a year older, you and I will flip the calendar year and move on. I'm not saying that our year will be very easy and everything will be like a fairy tale, and we should relax already. I want us to understand what is happening with us now. The year 2024 - it's not only in Ukraine, it's everywhere! But we react to it this way because we are already in pain, and we attach ourselves to absolutely everything," says the astrologer.

"But let's perceive information a bit more reasonably and not be scared where they scare us. It doesn't mean that Ukraine will be the hardest hit. But we take everything so literally because there is no more light for us than now. Every day hurts for us, and when they say it will hurt even more – what faith can we talk about here? Why scare people with this? Understand the logic of these people. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but one must think about what to bring to the masses," Anastasia continues.

The astrologer also noted that when a person gives a negative forecast, for example, for this month, then intuitively, if it does not come true, they will be dissatisfied, no matter how much they love their country.

What does the number 8 really signify

"Now let's talk about the number 8, what it is, and how it is. There is no digit that would indicate physical death. Death in all teachings is not when a person dies, but when they are reborn. That is, it's not the end, but the beginning," the expert notes.

Transformation is when you understand what you need to understand here and now. It's when you understand and live with this knowledge. If we talk about a person's soul, it's a new stage for them because otherwise, there is no point. Karma comes through death, and transformation, and you experience what you need to feel.

"The number 8 is about changes, if we put it simply. But that's how we live every year now if you've noticed," says the astrologer.

What does the term Karmic Year mean for Ukraine

"If we specifically look at Ukraine, we'll follow its history. As I've already said, the most karmic number in all respects is 6. If we look at the tarot cards, it's 'The Lovers.' Isn't it the most powerful force on Earth? And isn't it through it that we all gathered here in this world? Hasn't it caused you the most pain? Or made you the happiest?" notes Anastasia.

Transformation often happens through love for us, and when you feel intense transformation, the first thing you feel is love or hatred for life and this Earth:

  • 1986 - Chernobyl disaster
  • 1995 - Ukraine joining the Council of Europe
  • 2004 - Orange Revolution
  • 2013 - Start of Maidan
  • 2022 - Start of the full-scale invasion.

Астролог пояснила, чи дійсно 2024 є роком карми

Is it true that 2024 is the year of karma (photo: Freepik)

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