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Lilith in Virgo: What to expect from your dark side in 2024

Lilith in Virgo: What to expect from your dark side in 2024 Lilith in Virgo and its impact on our life (photo: Freepik)

Lilith, or our dark side, comes into force in Virgo from 03.03.2023 to 29.07.2024. Lilith is a fictional point that is maximally distant from Earth. It's what we don't see but has a significant influence on us.

How Lilith will affect our lives in 2023-2024, with reference to astrologer Anastasiia Bryut.

What is Lilith

"Lilith is our dark side. It's temptation, very hidden desires that we may not even be aware of. It's our dark side that sometimes emerges outward, but we can't control it. Desires are uncontrollable. Every person feels Lilith's influence sooner or later," explained Anastasia.

According to the astrologer, understanding a person's Lilith can reveal a lot about them. It's their weaknesses, which are very difficult to work on and often impossible to change. Lilith is a reflection from the past, related to karma and more.

"Lilith in different signs, at different degrees. Lilith that aspects with other planets and points can have various influences on our lives. Lilith is not just about temptation, it's also about illusion. It's when your dark sides, about which you are uncertain, come into play," noted Anastasia.

The situation in Virgo. What does it mean

For Virgo, characteristics include cleanliness, order, and substance. This is about strictness and not very good emotional endurance; it's about circumstances that require specific solutions.

According to an astrologer, when it comes to Virgo, we don't leave things as they are. We want to organize everything neatly, possibly even alphabetically. It's about constructive decisions point by point.

The influence of Lilith in Virgo on people

"During the next 9 months, many people will become inspectors in their own homes and embark on such fantastic cleaning that nobody needs. It's about people moving to new places, where they'll arrange everything anew. Circumstances might force them, or they might desire to change their living space, do renovations, rearrangements, ideally every week," the astrologer says.

"Lilith in Virgo can also lead to unusual emotional states, a very strange condition, as if in a vacuum, derealization, a feeling like you're going crazy. But such a state might only last for approximately 1.5 months, not the entire 9," Anastasia points out.

Ліліт у Діві: чого очікувати від своєї темної сторони у 2024 році

The Influence of Lilith in Virgo on People's Lives in 2023-2024 (photo: Freepik)

It will be all about extremes. That's how Lilith works in Virgo. When there's no middle ground, and you want everything to be perfect. It's on all levels, especially in relationships. This doesn't just pertain to romantic stories but partnerships as well. Negotiations might be very challenging when one side wants to prove something to the other and so on in a never-ending cycle.

Lilith in Virgo is about capriciousness. It's about emotions triggered because someone has "flipped out," and you don't want to prove your point but to show your righteousness. This leads to specific actions and behaviors that can irritate the other person. There's no middle ground. Therefore, Anastasia advises controlling this within yourself.

Lilith in Virgo is also about demanding when someone will require something from another person, and not through manipulation but directly.

Lilith in Virgo is about restrictions, especially in diet. There might be some new trends related to food or diets. Anastasia believes that new food trends will emerge. People will scrutinize the products they consumed without realizing that they might have been harmful.


"Intuitively, there will be a desire to improve one's health. Many people will start to monitor their health, and they will finally visit the doctors they've been avoiding for a long time," noted the astrologer.

According to Bryut, gastrointestinal problems will start to emerge. There might even be some sort of virus causing complications in the gastrointestinal tract and food poisoning.

The flip side of Lilith in Virgo

Initially, we talked about the desire for cleanliness in everything, but according to Anastasia, Lilith in Virgo can have the opposite effect. It can lead to complete chaos in one's living space, a reluctance to clean, tidy up, or sort through clothing. When it comes to Lilith, there's no golden mean.

Lilith in Virgo is about the desire for organization and precision. However, when one doesn't achieve this, it can lead to frustration. Lilith in Virgo can make it challenging to attain clarity.

Ліліт у Діві: чого очікувати від своєї темної сторони у 2024 році

The impact of Lilith in Virgo on people's lives in 2023-2024 (Photo: Freepik)

Lilith in Virgo on a mass scale

"There will be a lot of negotiations that will be very difficult. To be honest, not much of it will be productive. And this is not just about the situation in our country," notes Bryut.

  • There will also be a lot of real estate sales and purchases.
  • New "forbidden products."
  • A desire to organize one's schedule and tidy up one's daily life.
  • A thirst for justice.

So, Lilith in Virgo is not scary, not deadly; it's just Lilith in Virgo, which changes its position every 9 months and gives us new stories.