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Artillery shells from US: How can it alter nature of combat in Ukraine

Artillery shells from US: How can it alter nature of combat in Ukraine Photo: How the Ukrainian Armed Forces' receipt of artillery from the United States will change the nature of the fighting at the front (Getty Images)

With a large number of artillery shells, which will be received from the United States in a package worth more than $60 billion, the Ukrainian military will be able to not just slow down but stop the Russians, according to military analyst Pavlo Narozhnyy.

“As soon as we receive artillery shells, the nature of combat operations will change,” he states.

As the analyst explains, Ukrainian Defense Dorces are now destroying the Russian troops at close range.

“This is all done by infantrymen, unfortunately. But now there will be a sufficient number of artillery shells, and we will destroy the enemy on the approaches, not at the moment when they storm our trenches,” notes Narozhnyy.

US assistance to Ukraine

After many months of delay, the United States has allocated a new aid package to Ukraine worth more than $60 billion. The allocation of aid to Kyiv was supported by the House of Representatives, then the Senate, and later US President Joe Biden signed a bill providing for the allocation of funds to help Ukraine.

The media almost immediately reported what exactly Ukraine would receive in the new aid package. In particular, it includes a lot of munitions - RIM-7 and AIM-9M air defense missiles, Stinger man-portable air defense systems, small arms and ammunition, HIMARS ammunition, 155-mm and 105-mm artillery shells, and 60-mm mortar shells.

The United States has already begun supplying some weapons and ammunition to Ukraine as part of a new aid package.