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Armed Forces destroyed another Russian aircraft and over 300 occupants in Tavria sector

Armed Forces destroyed another Russian aircraft and over 300 occupants in Tavria sector Armed Forces destroy another Russian aircraft and over 300 occupants in Tavria sector (Photo: Getty Images)

Ukrainian fighters on the Tavria front continue to inflict losses on Russian invaders in personnel and equipment. Over the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) destroyed over 300 occupiers and another Su-25 enemy aircraft, according to the press service of the Unified Press Center of the Defense Forces of the Tavria direction.

The defense forces continued defensive operations in the east and south of Ukraine and an offensive operation in the Melitopol direction with partial success southwest of Verbiv in the Zaporizhzhia region.

During the past day, the enemy carried out two missile strikes, 29 air strikes, engaged in 34 military clashes, and conducted 930 artillery bombardments.

In the responsibility zone of the operational strategic group Tavria, the enemy attempts, with aviation support, to surround Avdiivka. Ukrainian soldiers repelled 3 Russian attacks and shot down another enemy Su-25 attack aircraft. This is the fifth aircraft shot down in the Donetsk region in the last ten days.

Russian occupiers also unsuccessfully attempted offensive actions in Novokalynove and Pervomaiske.

On the Mariupol front, defenders repelled 17 attacks by occupiers near Mariinka and four attacks near Novomykhailivka.

On the Shakhtarsk front, Ukrainian soldiers inflicted losses on the enemy in the Novomayorsk area in the Donetsk region. They restrained them in the areas of Novodarivka and east of Mala Tokmachka in the Zaporizhzhia region.

In Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia region, Russian terrorists, using civilians as human shields, are mass settling in high-rise buildings and apartments where the local population resides.

Losses of the enemy

Units of the missile forces and artillery of the Defense Forces of the Tavria direction performed 1434 fire tasks during the day.

The total losses of the enemy amounted to 322 persons.

Ukrainian fighters also destroyed 43 units of enemy military equipment, including:

  • 3 tanks;
  • 3 armored personnel carriers;
  • 12 artillery systems;
  • 2 multiple rocket launcher systems;
  • 1 aircraft;
  • 13 UAVs;
  • 5 units of automotive equipment;
  • 2 units of special equipment.

Russian losses in Ukraine

As of Thursday morning, October 19, Russian losses in the war in Ukraine amounted to 630 occupiers, with 290,680 military personnel lost since the beginning of the invasion. Additionally, the AFU shot down one plane and one helicopter.

On October 17, the AFU managed to shoot down one plane and six helicopters. Both aircraft were shot down on the Tavria front.

As of the end of June, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had destroyed 120-130 tank battalions of Russian occupiers since the beginning of the war. More than a fifth of the known losses of Russian aircraft and helicopters since the beginning of the war were not caused by the actions of Ukraine.