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Apple working on foldable iPhone and iPad: Details

Apple working on foldable iPhone and iPad: Details Apple is actively developing a foldable iPhone and a foldable 8-inch iPad (photo: Unsplash)

Apple is actively engaged in the development of the foldable iPhone design, writes The Information.

According to the article, the company started this process back in 2018 and currently has at least two clamshell prototypes.

What is known at the moment

The company has also discussed orders with Asian manufacturers for components for foldable devices of various sizes, including one that may turn out to be a foldable iPad.

The report notes that the design team aimed to create a device that was twice as thin as current smartphone models so that it wouldn't be too thick when folded. The possibility of adding additional external screens was also explored.

However, practical difficulties, especially with batteries and displays, create obstacles to achieving these ambitious goals.

The report also notes that Apple slowed down the development of a foldable iPhone around 2020, focusing on an inward-folding tablet the size of an iPad mini, meaning a screen of about eight inches.

Apple is actively working on a foldable iPhone and a foldable iPad: what is known

The original appearance of the iPhone folding screen (photo: MacRumors)

A flexible iPad implies less stringent form factor requirements compared to a phone, allowing the device to be thicker and simplifying the task.

At the moment, the Cupertino-based company is working on reducing the crease inside the display, which appears after repeated folding. The goal is for the device to lie completely flat when unfolded, allowing users to interact with the screen normally and use the Apple Pencil freely for drawing.

Despite the long development, Apple's foldable devices are still in their early stages and won't likely be released until 2026. The news agency warns that projects may be canceled if the final product does not meet the company's high-quality standards.

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