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Apple users eligible to claim a share of $25 million settlement

Apple users eligible to claim a share of $25 million settlement Photo: Apple users eligible to claim a share of $25 million settlement (GettyImages)

Apple Inc. has agreed to a $25 million settlement regarding its Family Sharing program, potentially affecting subscribers to services like Apple Music who were misled by the company's advertising, according to CBS News.

The settlement addresses a lawsuit (Walter Peters v. Apple Inc.) over Apple's deceptive advertising of its Family Sharing service, which allows up to six users to access various subscription-based apps under one shared account.

The complaint alleged that Apple promoted Family Sharing for almost all App Store subscription apps despite many not supporting the service. As a result, millions of customers were reportedly misled into purchasing subscriptions they otherwise wouldn't have.

Under the settlement, U.S. customers who had a Family Sharing plan and bought a subscription to a third-party app from June 21, 2015, to January 30, 2019, are eligible to file a claim. Eligible claimants can receive up to $30 and choose between an ACH transfer or a check for payment.

The deadline for filing a claim is March 1, 2024, and those who miss this deadline will not receive compensation.

Lawsuit origin: Misleading advertising

This lawsuit originated from the introduction of Apple's Family Sharing feature, allowing users to share access to different subscription services, including third-party ones.

However, the lawsuit claimed that Apple's advertising was misleading because it suggested that all subscription-based apps available on the App Store could be shared via Family Sharing, which was not the case. This led to confusion and potential financial losses for consumers who subscribed to third-party services under the impression they could share these subscriptions with their Family Sharing group.

Apple has denied any wrongdoing in the settlement.

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