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Apple to present new gadget first time in 10 years

Apple to present new gadget first time in 10 years Apple to present new gadget first time in 10 years (Unsplash)
Author: Maria Kholina

In the summer of 2024, Samsung unveiled its first smart ring - the Galaxy Ring. According to sources, tech giant Apple is reportedly in the works on its own finger-worn smart accessory, possibly dubbed the Apple Ring, according to the MacRumors.

Apple's Smart Ring

Despite the niche size of the smart ring market, analysts predict substantial growth in the near future. It's projected that by 2031, the market value will soar to $200 million, up from $20 million in 2023, marking a significant leap.

Apple has been considering the idea of a smart ring for several years, as evidenced by various patents detailing such devices.

Per Electronic Times, Apple is closely monitoring the market, eyeing signs indicating that smart rings could emerge as a less intrusive alternative to watches, offering prolonged wearability and comfort, even during sleep.

Likely, Apple sees the smart ring as a viable addition to its product lineup. The company has been increasingly filing patents related to finger-worn devices with NFC support, hinting at an imminent release.

While the exact release date of Apple's smart ring remains unknown, it's evident the company has long contemplated this idea. With the anticipated growth in the smart ring market, it'll be intriguing to see what Apple brings to the table.

Unique features of smart rings

Smart rings boast several advantages over smartwatches, primarily owing to their compact and less obtrusive design.

Lightweight and discreet, they offer comfortable wear day and night, which makes them ideal for continuous health monitoring and sleep tracking without the need for bulky wristwatches.

Besides, smart rings can be equipped with specialized sensors placed closer to the skin for more accurate readings. Their compact nature also allows for focused functionality.