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Apple prepares iOS 17.5.2 update: When and what will change

Apple prepares iOS 17.5.2 update: When and what will change Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

According to reports, Apple is preparing to release the new iOS 17.5.2 update for the iPhone. It was expected that the iPhone manufacturer would release at least one more update before the launch of iOS 18 this fall, citing MacRumors.

Update details

Nothing is known about the new version of iOS 17.5.2 yet, except that, according to leak sources, it will have the build number 21F101. It will most likely be a minor update, especially considering that Apple is currently focused on beta testing iOS 18.

iPhone users who are still using iOS 17 can expect the update to include bug fixes and/or security patches.

The exact release date of iOS 17.5.2 is unknown, but updates revealed by this leaked source usually become available within a few weeks after being posted on social media, so it is likely to be released in July.

iOS 17.5.2 will appear before iOS 17.6 and iOS 18, both of which are in the beta testing stage. Last week, the second beta version of iOS 17.6 was released for developers and public beta testers, and earlier, the third beta version of iOS 18 was provided to developers.

So far, no significant changes have been detected in iOS 17.6.